Meet the team – Trevor Gilbert OBE

Honours and qualifications

  • Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
  • British Citizen Award (BCAb)
  • Fellow of the Academy of Experts (FAE)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)
  • Voted as one of The Top 100 Influential People in the UK
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“The report is an extremely detailed and thorough analysis.. a very impressive document” Employment Judge Baty

“At last, I was getting fed up seeing you on the other side”Leading Junior

“It is genuinely refreshing to see a Part 35 expert who clear understands his duties of even-handedness”Claimant lawyer

“Your clear and cogent views were instrumental in ensuring minds were focused (at the JSM) and ensured that a pragmatic and sensible outcome was achieved. This would not have been possible without your insights and guidance in the matter as a joint expert”Defendant lawyer

“Yours is the first report the Claimant has read throughout the litigation where he felt somebody had a true grip on the extent of the injuries and the impact this has had and it made him cry with relief”. – Claimant lawyer

(Mr Gilbert’s) report is a model of its kind. He is an eminent employment expertDistrict Judge.

He is one of the best experts I know in any discipline”Claimant lawyer.

Here is what Counsel say about Trevor;

Trevor Gilbert is an independent witness of the highest calibre, unmoveable when his opinion has been properly formed, persuadable when logic dictates, well researched and impressive.” – King’s Counsel

Trevor is one of the most highly regarded personal injury expert witnesses in the UK today“.  – King’s Counsel

“I have worked with Trevor Gilbert for 5 years on and off. One of the key aspects of a good expert’s evidence is fortitude, Trevor has that in good measure. Another is independence, Trevor has that in greater measure. Detailed research is a further vital characteristic of a good employment consultant. Trevor pursues this goal with tenacity. But the most important characteristic necessary in an expert, in my view, is judgment and few in his field can match Trevor for that.” King’s Counsel

Trevor Gilbert is an exceptionally experienced, authoritative and persuasive expert, interested in getting to the bottom of issues and explaining them with clarity and neutrality to the Court”.  – Barrister

As a personal injury lawyer, I have known and worked with Trevor Gilbert for more than 20 years.  He is respected for his attention to detail and an ability to provide a compelling non-partisan view of any case.  His healthy skepticism coupled with an ability to provide a balanced perspective are qualities I particularly value.  His contacts within the employment world are without equal.”  – Barrister

Trevor’s specialisms

Trevor has been involved in recruitment consultancy for over 49 years. John Lees, renowned careers coach and best-selling author says, “Trevor draws on extensive experience in the recruitment sector along with a deep understanding of issues surrounding disability, employability and market trends. In short, Trevor understands the employment market like the back of his hand, which is why he is a market and thought leader in the expert witness field”.

Investment banking: through a lifetime of working in the City of London, Trevor has numbered many banks and finance houses among his clients. He is an inveterate networker and has good connections with specialist banking executive search and selection consultants and his many other top level contacts in the City.

Hospitality/catering: In the early 90s he owned and operated a Good Food Guide recommended fine dining restaurant. Trevor maintains a strong interest in catering and excellent links within the hospitality industry.

In the late 90s Trevor was closely involved with the late Peter Green and his band, Splinter Group, securing them a recording contract with Eagle Rock. He maintains connections in the music and performing arts industries.

Trevor Gilbert