Other services – Vocational rehab


Now in its 20th year, The Pathfinder Project delivers vocational rehabilitation assessments which are normally carried out by mutual consent of the parties, outside the litigation process and in the spirit of the Rehabilitation Code.

Available throughout the UK, assessments are carried out by the very best employment professionals and are designed to identify those transferable skills that can be brought into play in alternative work.

Assessments major on identifying transferable skills, considering retraining where appropriate, a detailed study of the claimant’s local labour market and the development of an Action Plan to enable the claimant return to work, the cost of which will be contained within the body of the assessment.

We examine the possibility of retraining and advise on available training courses and venues where appropriate. A period of re-training will vary considerably depending on the nature of the injury, geographical location of the Claimant and level of transferable skills. Term start dates are a vital consideration.

We look closely at the Claimant’s travel-to-work area and jobs that may be available. Once this has been assessed and reported upon, including a proposed Action Plan (costed within the body of the report) illustrating the obstacles to be overcome by the Claimant, the next step is to seek the commitment of the Claimant, essential to a positive outcome.