What they say

“It settled really well. If I didn’t report at the time (I certainly meant to) then please accept my apologies. I’ve never read a more impressive employment report!”

PI lawyer

““I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my case. I realise of course that your duty was to the court but, all the same, I wouldn’t have reached such a positive outcome without you and I will not forget the positive influence that you have had on my life, and my family’s life. The past six years have been pretty grim to be honest, but thanks to your support the family can look forward to a bright future. Thank you so much for fighting for me”.


“I have instructed Trevor Gilbert and his team regularly over the past 15 years on many cases.

He is one of the best experts I know in any discipline”

Claimant lawyer

“As a personal injury lawyer, I have known and worked with Trevor Gilbert for more than 20 years. He is respected for his attention to detail and an ability to provide a compelling non-partisan view of any case. His healthy skepticism coupled with an ability to provide a balanced perspective are qualities I particularly value. His contacts within the employment world are without equal.”


“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all your hard work and assistance with my claim. Your reports were invaluable in not only quantifying loss, but just as importantly educating those involved in the claim as regards the complex nature of my employment field and normal career progression. The result of your report as part of my claim caused the original settlement offer from the defendants team to be revised and increased by a large multiple.

Your passion and enthusiasm to break down my career to bare bones and achieve a real understanding of me as a skilled professional was exceptional. This understanding of me as an individual rather than a statistic was greatly welcomed. Your reports were fair, balanced and detailed whist described in easy to understand minute detail the nature of my employment field and my career progression and choices. Your expertise shone through in all reports.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the same situation as I was and would perhaps suggest that the term Employment Expert sells your services short as you are a people expert equally so”.


“(Trevor’s) considerable knowledge and expertise makes him our employment expert of choice as his reports are always detailed and thoroughly researched, he is highly regarded by his instructing solicitors and by counsel as well as by employment experts instructed by defendants with whom he prepares joint reports and who know of his superb reputation…in every case in which he has been instructed, Trevor’s involvement has enabled us to secure the best possible settlement for our clients….the quality of the expert’s report which forms the basis for a joint settlement meeting needs to be faultless; we can rely on Trevor Gilbert wholly in this respect.”

Claimant lawyer

“The Claimant had recently completed a Masters degree in international relations and was about to seek employment in the field of management consultancy. As a result of Mr Gilbert’s evidence her claim settled in the sum of £1.4 million, allowing for an estimated £1 million for future loss of earnings, I believe this was a record settlement for a non brain injured or spinally injured Claimant who had yet to commence employment and this settlement was largely as a result of the meticulous research carried out by Mr Gilbert.”

Claimant Lawyer

“I am so pleased to have you as our expert since I feel that you understand what I am ´about´. You may not want me to call you ´the expert´ but surely it takes expertise to be able to do that after just one meeting.”


“Trevor and his team are a pleasure to deal with. The research that they carry out in order to prepare their reports is meticulous. They are extremely ‘user friendly’ and the reports are always supported with good evidence.”

Claimant Lawyer

“I have worked with Trevor Gilbert for 5 years on and off. One of the key aspects of a good expert’s evidence is fortitude, Trevor has that in good measure.
Another is independence, Trevor has that in greater measure. Detailed research is a further vital characteristic of a good employment consultant. Trevor pursues this goal with tenacity. But the most important characteristic necessary in an expert, in my view, is judgment and few in his field can match Trevor for that.”


“Employment experts are often rightly disliked by the courts, for they usually provide 2nd hand and 2nd rate material, but Mr Gilbert has made me completely change my views about them. In a case of significant value Mr Gilbert provided me with a report in a couple of weeks that would have put most other experts I have used to shame. This was original research from beginning to end. What is more he went on to deal with endless amendments with a turnaround of hours and in good humour.”

Defendant Lawyer

“I would like to say that I have every faith in your professionalism as indeed do the senior counsel that I instruct who always breathe a sigh of relief when they see a report from you. Counsel at our recent con was highly complimentary and said so to my Client and was not so about the report of Mr X ! Equally my client was not impressed by him but was so by you.”

Claimant Lawyer