Trevor Gilbert & Associates has always placed the highest importance on effective case management to underpin the quality of reporting.

Performance is monitored by our Case Administration Centre and is measured at every stage.

Throughout the year we monitor report delivery times, currently achieving an average 33.7 days from date of instruction. We have been known to turn around a report in two days. Miracles take a little longer.

Our unique Jackson compliant Form H spreadsheet is provided with every instruction/enquiry, setting out an estimate of total costs from report writing to trial.

Paul Reason, Managing Director of R. Costings says; “This is an excellent document for all costs lawyers or draftsmen! It’s a must!”

Another unique feature is CaseTracker, our online portal accessible through our web site which tracks the progress of an instruction in real time. When a report is completed it is uploaded and the client receives an email alert to download.

“It’s about time law firms went digital and moved away from paper copies. With lockdown and restrictions introduced because of the global pandemic, PICasetracker has enabled work to continue as normal and it has given TGA a great advantage over other expert witness firms.”

Sean McCormack, Taylor Rose

Our Case Administration Centre maintains a central point of contact, managing the report process throughout in accordance with our quality procedures including peer review, thus providing an effective and reliable service to clients.

Report compliance:

Reports are produced to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and Academy of Experts guidelines, each report including a signed statement of truth by the author.